The village: Rougon
The house is located in the village of Rougon, at the foot of the ruins of the castle, overlooking the grand canyon, more beautiful point of view of the gorges du Verdon.
Bastidon du Baou today
The state of the house with the purchase in 1989.
152/5000 The house, or what was left of it, was filled with muck up to the first floor and a gigantic ivy covered almost the entire building.
The state of the house with the purchase in 1989.
The front of the building was invaded by a gigantic ivy that hid it almost entirely ...
After long cleaning, demolition, and recovery of the stones, the house was partially re-erected: the ground floor walls were kept in good condition.
1st floor building
The first floor under construction: on the left side of the image, there is an impressive pile of stones recovered from the demolition.
last floor building
The construction continues by favoring the rear part of the building.
last floor building
The practically finished floor: we see the hole left voluntarily above the door to supply the stones.
The front of the house.
Construction of the pillar structures that will support the terrace and will be dressed in stones like the rest of the house.
set up the roof.
Last step of the structural work: the roof. It consists of plates covered with old tiles, and a good hand of some friends was welcome to set up the frame.
The house is finished!
The front of the house, with the covered terrace of the studio on the ground floor reserved for renting. The work has spread over 10 years of weekends and holidays to give this old building a new life that will allow, I hope, to cross a few centuries for the greatest pleasure of those who live there.
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