Introduction provides an online platform for vacationers to book real estate. The
site is accessible via the URL and also through mobile
applications (for mobile phones, tablets and other devices or interfaces).
 These general conditions of use for holidaymakers (the "Terms of Use Holidaymakers"),
establish a settlement between the owner and anyone using the services offered by the site,
named "holidaymakers". The term "vacationers" describes anyone who visits the site for the
purpose of inquiring about one of the proposed rentals or reserving a proposed rental period,
for personal purposes only, but not on behalf of property managers or other owners.
 General conditions of use Vacationers are a contract binding the owner to holidaymakers,
legally binding and compulsorily accepted by the holidaymaker and his accompanying
persons: otherwise, the holidaymaker can not access a reservation on the site.
 Registration, reservation and any form of payment on the site are authorized only to
persons legally entitled to perform these operations.
 These general conditions of use Vacationers are likely to be modified by the owner at will
and are updated on this page regularly.

2. General
 On this site, the persons named "holidaymakers" can consult descriptions and periods of
reservation of houses within the framework of the "seasonal hiring".
 Holidaymakers are informed that they are fully responsible for their use of the site in
accordance with the laws in force and the transactions they have initiated. The owner agrees to
respect the laws in force concerning the contents of the published advertisement as well as the
rules governing its activity.
 Service charges (see service charges on site) may be charged.
 The Site makes visible advertisements of Vacation Rentals provided by the Owner. These
contents are the responsibility of the Owner. All your bookings are made directly with the
Owner and the rental agreement will be concluded between the Owner and you. This contract
will govern your right to occupy and use the Vacation Rental, and may contain obligations to
pay additional fees and taxes. 'Type' contracts are downloadable on the site.
 Collection and repayment of the tourist tax:
Holidaymakers are responsible for paying the tourist tax, which must be collected by the
owner. An amount of 1,00 euro per day and per person (except children under 18 years) it will
be collected on arrival of holidaymakers .

3. Ads and Interactions with Owners
 The owner is responsible for the content of his site, photographs, texts, and undertakes to
regularly update the offers available on the rental periods.
 When a Holidaymaker is interested in renting a property presented on the Site, he may send
a request for information ("CONTACT") to the Owner without having to register. This request
for information must indicate the first name, last name, email address and telephone number of
the holidaymaker making the request. By sending a request for information and the
transmission of his email address, the Holidaymaker is not required to book a rental period.
 The holidaymaker then receives a confirmation email containing the references of his
request and information and recommendations for the smooth running of the reservation,
which must be read carefully.

 The owner is tacitly authorized to use the information provided by the holidaymaker (email,
postal address, telephone) to respond to the holidaymaker in the context of the exchanges
inherent in the transaction.

4. Registration
 If holidaymakers want to keep themselves informed of new developments regarding rentals
or possible promotions over rental periods, they may subscribe to the Newsletter provided that
they are legally entitled to do so.
 To register on the Site, Vacationers must simply click on the "Newsletter" button and follow
the instructions provided by the owner. They are then directed to a page where they will have
to enter their name and surname, a valid email address and choose a password. When the
information entered has been verified, holidaymakers can complete their registration by
expressly accepting these Terms of Use and clicking on the "Validate" button. The registration
application is then sent to the owner. A Holidaymaker can open an account using a personal email
 The Vacationer's Account includes information that is publicly available to other users and
that may also be made available to other internet users who are not registered on the Site, for
example in the search results of search engine like Google. An Account includes:
An email address, last name, first name, place of residence and phone number
The holidaymaker can delete his account at any time, by clicking on the button "unsubscribe"
The holidaymaker agrees to keep strictly confidential and secure login information of his
account (password, login) and his personal email account (password, login), and to disclose it
only to authorized third parties, give the necessary instructions to any person, to whom he
entrusts his username and password, so that the person does not disclose them to
unauthorized third parties, immediately notify the owner and create new username and
password for each of his accounts and personal messaging if it considers that unauthorized
third parties have access to them) inform immediately the owner if the Holiday is contacted by
any third party requesting his username and password.
However, if the holidaymaker does not take precautions with regard to the security of his
personal data, he will be responsible for the fraudulent use of the latter.

5. Intellectual property
 The content displayed on the site is protected by copyright: any reproduction, even partial,
is prohibited.
 Holidaymakers may download, display or print individual pages to prove the existence of
the contract between the Owner and themselves. The words "© 2017 all
rights reserved" must be clearly legible in all files and all impressions of these pages.
 Any publication on the site by a holidaymaker of any content whatsoever, assumes that he
has the rights associated with it, and the owner reserves the right to intervene on the site to
put an end to a fraudulent or slanderous use .

6. Holidaymakers' accounts, communications:
 Holidaymakers are responsible for the personal information they publish on the site and
undertake to respect their accuracy.

7. Compensation and cancellation of stay:


 booking can be canceled by registered letter

one month before the date of arrival (conditions and modalities of refund exclusively fixed by the owner).

8. Prohibitions
The holidaymaker is not authorized to, directly or indirectly:
Copy totally or partially the contents of the site by any means. ;
Monitor content on the Site or communications using robots, spiders or other means.
Use the Site of the owner, or any information provided by a User for purposes other than those
authorized by these Terms of Use Holidaymakers;
Publish content that constitutes a violation of criminal law or regulation or any other applicable
law or regulation, including those relating to the protection of personal data and privacy, or
inciting anyone to violate them;
Use the Site to harm the owner by attempting to install viruses or other processes that may
cause a malfunction.
Display or transmit false information.
Post or transmit any illegal, aggressive, excessive, defamatory, sexual or pornographic

9. Right to delete content
Holidaymakers are responsible for all content they publish on the Site, in compliance with the
law of January 6, 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms.

10. Liability of the Owner
 The Site is simply a space that allows you to view Vacation Rentals listings on the Site, to
contact the Owner to submit any queries, and to make a reservation with the Owner in order to
rent his Rental. holidays. Regardless of the selected Vacation Rental, the contract with the
Vacation Rental Owner is the agreement between the Owner and you, the terms of which will
apply to your booking. The terms of the rental agreement may thus limit and / or exclude the
Owner's liability to you, which is why you are advised to read them carefully before making
your reservation.

11. Other matters
 The present General Conditions of Use for Holidaymakers are governed by French law and
subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Toulon (Var).
 The present General Terms of Use and the rental agreement constitute the entire
agreement between the Owner and the Holidaymaker regarding their purpose
 If one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Holiday Use is or are deemed null
and void, the validity of the other provisions will not be affected, unless the nullity relates to an
essential obligation of the Conditions General Terms of Use Vacationers, or stipulations linked by
an interdependence.

Update date: september 10, 2020.

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