The house was 80% collapsed and filled with tons of debris from other demolitions around
The long clearing begins, all by hand because no access for gear, and it was necessary to sort and separate the stones from the rest.
Clearing work is nearing completion
The reconstruction of the stone walls: The south / west corner had to be totally reedified because too damaged by the thrust of the excavations.
The pillar of the entrance door has been rebuilt to widen access to a future workshop
The level of the finished ground floor and a concrete floor is placed on the chaining to stiffen the whole.
The west side entrance wall has been reassembled by inserting stone to the size of the door
the first level is built, all in stones of recovery, and the floor on the part living room is posed.
The frame of the first roof is laid, the Genoese are being set up.
The roof above the living room is placed.
The shell is finished, the elevation of the room is achieved
The house out of water and air, the interior is ready to be landscaped
The house is completely finished, ready to face the centuries to come and allow all those which it will shelter to discover our magnificent area.
The house in its environment, under the castle, surrounded by nature, with an exceptional view.


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